Google Apps replacement

Recently, I’ve decided to migrate away from google apps for my mail/contacts/calendar needs because of privacy/NSA/security issues regarding cloud providers and run my own server for those (not that my e-mails are all that interesting to NSA, but it’s the principle of the thing). Well, actually the main reason is is fun to experiment and there is no better way to learn than to break things :).


Deploying a web site with bittorrent sync

Bittorent sync is a “Dropbox without a centralized server” kind of thing (check it out at Copyright Bittorrent Sync It’s a small app that keeps folders across different machines in sync using a shared “secret” (random 34 character key) and doing that via bittorrent protocol, inside firewalls, NAT… You just need to choose


Sql deploy utility

Sql-deploy is an utility to manage sql deployments via sequential upgrade scripts. You can jump right at it by going to

It is targeted at a development/deploy environment where each database change is scripted into a “change script” that brings the database to that level/version.


Sql scripts library

I uploaded my sql scripts library to Github.

You can check it out at

Keep in mind that they are Microsoft sql server compatible.


SQL server index suggestions

I would like to go through a cool sql server feature that gives us an opportunity to view sql server index suggestions, namely where we should add indexes based on queries that are executed on a particular sql server instance.

There is a less known function in sql server called Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) that you can use to query a whole range of useful sql server information.


Sql - search inside sp and function definitions

Here is an sql snippet that you can use to search your stored procedure and function definitions for a particular text.

Let’s say you must find every piece of code that accesses a particular table (for instance you changed the table definition and need to find the affected code and fix it).

read more... inline javascript optimization

An http module for on-the-fly moving/minifying inline scripts and includes to the bottom of the pages, used to optimize page loading times due to the scripts loading last. Your project needs to run on .Net framework v4 or higher to be able to use JsOptimize. JsOptimize is hooked into runtime and as such is compatibile with any flavor of the, be it web forms, mvc or something custom.


Self signed SSL with nginx

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to create a self-signed ssl certificate to use with your nginx installation. Bear in mind that the following steps are not limited to just nginx; with small modifications this tutorial can also be applied anywhere where ssl is needed.


Recycle bin in linux shell

Have you ever accidentally deleted important files with “rm super-important-file” and in that instant realized that you will now need to search through backups and restore them because you made a mistake? Linux desktop environments are mimicking Windows environments and usually there is “recycle bin” or equivalent from where we can restore accidentally deleted files.